MADE WITH LOVE FOR YOU – for simply being MADLY Sweetly you

When I began this journey, I asked myself what was important to me as a woman in that wonderful stage of life where hard lessons have been learnt but the heart and imagination  still wander happily, enjoying everything life has to offer.  The answer was simple – YOU – the Other Woman, my friend and confidante who also dares to live a full life.

I envision you looking radiant, with every beautiful quirk shining through, wearing clothing that makes a statement, letting you be who you are – sometimes ‘madly’, other times ‘sweetly’.

MADLY sweetly is therefore dedicated to establishing a balance between style, functionality and longevity, but most importantly personality.  It aims to provide you with a blend of staple garments with beautiful, varied fabrics you can wear all day long – a perfect fusion of textural materials and yarns, softened cuts and emphasized edges all to suit your needs, while remaining timeless.

With happy thoughts,